Placing the Future in your hands

The Asset Management industry is facing major challenges.

Aging infrastructure, population growth and increased stakeholder expectations is placing unprecedented pressure on asset intensive organisations.

Uncertainty about the future in Asset Management is a disaster waiting to happen.

See how LOGiT Australia removes the risk of uncertainly about the future of your assets.


4CAST Asset Planning Software

4Cast is more than just an Asset Planning tool.

Simple to use, yet at the forefront of Strategic Asset Management methodology, 4Cast serves as a blueprint of an organisation’s greatest understanding of every asset they own and how they maintain them throughout their lifecycle.

With 4CAST, organisations will have evidence based plans that:

  • Achieve the targets of the corporate plan,
  • Deliver the greatest value for money, and
  • Provide the safest, most productive infrastructure for your community.

4CAST is the modern Asset Management planning tool to keep your business targets on track.

Asset Management Advisory Services

The LOGiT Approach is a unique method to implement an Asset Management System tailored to business needs and fully compliant with world standard ISO 55001.

Services provided include:

  • Business Process Identification and Documentation
  • Reporting requirements (SAMP, AMP, AM Policy, etc.)
  • Data needs/gaps analysis and data collection
  • Discovery sessions, training and ongoing advisory assistance.

Your business will be in safe hands with one of our Certified Asset Management Auditor/Assessor team.