4CAST utilises the most sophisticated predictive modeling algorithms to generate alternative versions of the future for any asset type. These ‘what if’ scenarios are used to determine the appropriate infrastructure funding strategy to meet the expectations of an organisation’s stakeholders.

Future risks can be identified and mitigated. Opportunities can also be identified to repurpose assets and even the spaces they occupy to keep pace with the changing needs of a business and their stakeholder expectations.

How 4CAST Works

4CAST is a cloud-based long term financial planning web application, meaning no on-site installation or ongoing maintenance is required.

The 4CAST system intuitively builds a model for each asset type based on the supplied data. This means that an organisation doesn’t need to wait until their data is “perfect” before they can start analysing their future asset expenditure requirements. The complexity of the model is in direct proportion to the data and can be improved over time.

Complex assets with multiple components can be modelled to reflect the relationship between each component. If one component is not adequately managed, its performance can have an impact on the other components that rely on its functionality.

4CAST models assets over their life span and builds in factors such as wear and tear, over or under usage and the effects of environmental exposure from corrosion, heat or moisture.

From the life span modelling of the asset base, 4CAST provides “what if” scenarios. The costs and consequences of varying corrective or preventative interventions can be compared to a “do nothing” scenario.

Future risks can be identified and mitigated. Opportunities can be identified to repurpose assets and even the spaces they occupy, to keep pace with the changing needs of a business and stakeholder expectations.

As a consequence, 4CAST provides organisations at all levels with:

  • defensible budgets so that annual planning becomes a monitoring and fine tuning exercise, rather than a starting from scratch exercise every year;
  • real time business and asset performance KPIs (for any level) that can be remotely monitored;
  • tailored reports for CEOs, Asset Managers, finance and senior management, that provide real time accurate asset management data to meet the specific needs of each and any business area; and
  • a “Resilient to Change” Strategy. If there are political, financial, technological or demographic changes, 4CAST can be quickly realigned to the changing needs of your organisation.

4CAST serves as a blueprint of the organisation’s greatest understanding of every asset they own and how they maintain them throughout their lifecycle. It also provides a solid foundation to identify where improvements can be made and then to actually apply and verify them before they’re even implemented in reality.

Optimised Works Programs

Developing a works program manually is a complex and time consuming task. 4CAST performs whole of life benefit cost analysis to select the right treatments for the right assets at the right time, while balancing performance, risks to ensure every dollar spent is completely aligned with the organisation's objectives.

4CAST also creates site level works programs. Get the maximum work done for the minimal disruption to workplace and/or community. These programs are optimised to achieve the greatest return on investment on your assets while reducing resource costs.

Financial & Service Level Forecasting

Asset Management isn’t simply about keeping things in working condition. The acceptable level of service for a cleaner's storeroom is very different to that of the CEO's office. 4CAST lets you specify which factors are important to your organisation meeting the expectations of its staff and customers.

Compare the cost impact of tweeking the condition in particular areas to strike the perfect balance between costs, performance and risks that will return the greatest outcome for your stakeholders. 4CAST is the ultimate planning tool to complement and enhance your financial decision maker’s capabilities.

Build Your Own Reports

While 4CAST provides a number of built-in dashboard reports to meet your strategic decision making and reporting needs. Additional to this, 4CAST also has its own dashboard designer which makes it easy to create dynamic reports that are suited to the needs of your business.

So now your Asset Manager, Finance Manager and other senior decision makers can have reports that make sense to them and align to their business needs... all coming from the same source of truth. Build your organisation's very own library of reports, all grouped for easy reference.

No Experience Necessary

Whether you’re a leading modeling practitioner or completely new to lifecycle modeling, you can get started immediately with 4CAST . The 4CAST wizard takes you through the process in a few easy steps. Also, 4CAST's intuitive design actually populates much of the model on your behalf, meaning that you can create powerful new models in minutes. 

The 4CAST wizard can also be an educational experience. It is designed to have a natural and logical flow which means its not only easy to use but it actually makes sense and allows users of any level of experience to develop and improve models with confidence.