Office 365 is changing the way that organisations do business.

Remember when mobile phones went ‘smart’? It was a little daunting for people at first but it wasn’t long before smart phones were being used for everything from cameras to GPS to email and sometimes, yes, even for making calls.

Office is no longer just Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Organisations are integrating it with every area of their business as well as replacing current applications and automating outdated manual processes.  

Why switch my Asset Management application to Office 365?

To answer this, its probably best to look at the 5 main things organisations look at when shopping for an AMS:

Low risk

Microsoft manage Office 365 and invest millions in the security of their products. It is probably the most trusted software in the world.


The majority of organisations are either already using Office 365 or are planning to within the next couple of years. Why not take advantage of the services you already pay for? The only costs will be in the initial implementation to ensure that it is setup correctly. This represents a fraction of the cost of current systems.


With so much company information and assets in Office 365, Microsoft provides plenty of APIs to interact with other applications.

User friendly

Using Office 365 feels so familiar to other ‘everyday’ applications people use in daily life that it makes it far easier to adapt to than most off-the-shelf systems. In fact, when you take the right approach with Office 365, your teams will wonder how they managed without it.

Support and enhancements

Microsoft release regular enhancements. They have one of the best development teams available. It is so user-friendly that many small changes like adding new fields, changing names or form design can be made by a trained member of the organisation. For other things, LOGiT are there to assist.

How it works

LOGiT’s team of experts have over 15 years experience in building, implementing, supporting and maintaining Asset Management systems. This experience has been applied to developing an AMS template that forms the foundation of the Office 365 solution.

A LOGiT consultant will walk with you through your existing systems to find out what is working well and what could be improved. We then discuss the final design that will meet the true needs of the business.

The initial AMS template is then adapted to meet the requirements and the data is cleansed and uploaded into the new system.

Our aim to take the pain out of this process while ensuring that Office 365 is used to its maximum potential to deliver the organisation’s business needs.



LOGiT’s Office 365 Mobile Data Collection App